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We scan your entire home looking for hidden moisture, missing insulation and electrical hot spots.  The Infrared Camera can find hidden deficiencies the human eye cannot see.  Protect your investment by using the Angus Home Inspector for your next purchase.

Thermal Image of Moisture in Ceiling Thermal imaging is one of the most reliable methods to detect water leaks and moisture problems in the home. Water is the number one cause of damage to the home, as it can result in structural problems, mould, and more. Repairs for this type of damage can be expensive, so it’s important to detect any potential problems as early as possible.

What is Thermal Imaging and How Does it Work?

Thermal imaging is the use of an infrared camera to capture images which show differences in surface temperatures. These differences are shown by different colours on a colour scale. Any small differences in temperature can be the indication of moisture. The Angus Home Inspector will focus on areas around bathrooms where the majority of water leaks start. If any temperature variation is detected , the identified area can be measured with a moisture meter to see if there is any leakage.

Thermal imaging is non-invasive examination of your home, but it cannot see through walls. An Infrared Camera only detects differences in temperature, it isn’t detecting moisture directly—which is why it’s important to verify and defects with a moisture meter. Also, it is not useful for measuring insulation problems because the indoor and outdoor temperatures may be very similar. For example, if the temperature indoors and outdoors is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, it will not pick up any insulation problems because there is no temperature difference.

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